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"How's my twitchy glitchy baby this fine evening~?" He cooed cuddling his adorable look a like. "You're so precious~"

"Knock it off with the flattery, you." He bantered. Though he wholeheartedly accepted those much needed cuddles. Amen. “… He’s more than ecstatic now.”


ooc; i heard u was feelin down so heres some BEN on BEN cuddles to make u feel better

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I only reply to certain threads because that’s what I have the muse for.

I take forever to write starters

Please forgive me for the fact that I am slow these days. 


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Reblog if you’re in the creepypasta fandom AND over the age of 15


Or is the majority of this fandom really that young..?)

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you have pretty eyes :)


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requested by f-u-cktastic

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smashing-mirrors-deactivated201 asked:
Ben, does your height bother you?

You have no idea.

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Anonymous asked:
Ben and Sally.

What about me and Sally?

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Anonymous asked:
are you gay BEN

I’ve been happy lately, yes. What about you, anon? 

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*puts head on desk and falls asleep*

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"You should learn not to. It does you no good to defy the Children." He snapped back, grin wiped from his face. How dare this glitch defy him. How dare he defy his following and try to shut him down. “It would do you wise not to sass back.” The Father glared down at BEN, daring him to talk back to him.

Elf-like ears drooped downwards right after the Salesman look-alike snapped back at him. After all this time, the glitch hasn’t grown used to this sort of reaction from the Father. He couldn’t tell whether he was being brave —or stupid. “You’re implying that me simply speaking my mind is equal to ‘sassing’ you? Is that comparable to you preaching your lies?”